Welcome to the first post on the A.C.T. United Blog Page!

Although we began, as A.C.T.(Anti Child Trafficking United) United, just one year ago this month, we have been blessed by and very busy responding to the interest, need, and engagement of communities across the Minnesota Metro area with our services. Since deploying our Juvenile Sex Trafficking: Community Awareness to Action program and  Community Café Dialogue events, 5 months ago, we have had the following opportunities to serve:

  • Invited as a Trainer/Guest Speaker at 10 venues
  • Conducted awareness and prevention strategy training to the following groups and industries:
    • Pastors and Church ministry leaders from 15 different churches
    • Medical, OB GYN, and Psychiatric Hospital staff
    • Government Officials
    • Foster parents
    • Teachers
    • Small Business owners
    • Public High School students
    • State University students and civic leaders
    • Non Profit Organization leaders
    • Christian Missionaries
    • OTR Truck Drivers
    • Church Youth Groups
    • Parents and Grandparents
  • Hosted three community engagement events
  • Built a strong and diverse network of relationships with community stakeholders

The feedback we have received about our work has been very positive and has had three consistent themes:

  1. This training not only gives us information, but guides us into the practical action steps our individual organizations and community can take
  2. The message of working together in unity, prevention strategies, and heart for the untold male victim story is eye opening
  3. How can we access this information, especially for those that could not make it to the training?

First, we have appreciated your positive feedback and been honored to work with such diligent, passionate people! Secondly, in response to #3, we have started to put out more information and event updates by creating a Facebook page you can access at Facebook.com/connect.actunited. Like our page and stay connected! And now, we have started a blog page! So, small steps, but we hope that as we grow we will continue to add new ways of sharing current information and the training material and messages of A.C.T. United that aim to encourage individuals and organizations to work together creating safe communities for children and youth!


Jessica B. | Lead Facilitator| A.C.T. United | Minnesota




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