The A.C.T United Team! Meet Becky “Shine a Light” Youngmark!

Hi! My name is Becky Youngmark and I have been volunteering with ACT United since attending a conference 2 years ago. I had attended a Bible study from International Justice on human trafficking in other countries and our friends that led the study saw that ACT United was having a conference locally. My husband, me and our friends got tickets and decided to attend. I cried the whole time the main speaker gave his testimony. I wasn’t involved in human trafficking however my childhood was filled with incest from a family member. I later learned I wasn’t the only victim. The most important thing I learned from that conference was that it was ok to speak up about what was happening. The skeleton came out of the closet. In my instance, I spoke up and was not believed by either parent and told to never bring it up again. It took over 50 years for me to talk about it, beginning after that conference.

I am a retired journalist and photographer and love to work with people. I have volunteered in many organizations over the years and signed up to volunteer to work with ACT United wherever they need me. I currently help with some of their promotional writing, taking photographs, and am on their prayer team interceding for people’s hearts and upcoming events. I wish I had ACT United around when I was young. If they had come into my school to talk about prevention about sex trafficking and abuse, I think I would have had the courage to keep telling adults about my situation until I was heard. 

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