The A.C.T. United Team! Meet our Director of Outreach and Missions, Saysha!

I am a mom to a beautiful, smart, and courageous 5 year old daughter. She enjoys time with family, playing at the park, swimming at the beach, making new friends, and is starting soccer and swim lessons.
2 years ago, I made a very courageous decisions myself to leave a well paid position in the corporate sector to pursue my life passion and joy of serving kids and teens. I started as a teachers aide while going back to school to get my teaching certificate. I am now a teacher at a Christian Pre School to an amazing diverse class of littles! I also am the part time, volunteer Director of Outreach and Missions for A.C.T. United.
As a teenager, I experienced both physical and sexual abuse, in bad relationship choices, and was almost trafficked at the age of 17. I was a teenage girl who had lost her identity, value and worth. It is because of these experiences that I am passionate about bringing a message of value, worth and hope for the future to children and teens through my role at A.C.T. United! I believe in the power of prevention! 

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