Break Every Chain!


Training that not only brings information, but hope and inspiration!

A.C.T. United is excited to announce our 2017 prevention training and events to get you engaged in, or help strengthen your current work, creating safe communities for children and youth!

With your partnership, we provide training designed to break the chains of silence, myth, the underlying vulnerabilities abusers and exploiters target, and the addictions fueling the demand market.

In 2016, our “Juvenile Sex Trafficking: Community Awareness to Action” Program trained hundreds of health care and business professionals, government officials, community leaders, advocates, youth groups, high school and college students, families, Pastors and church leaders.

In 2017, our “Break Every Chain” series continues to focus on prevention through awareness training, dialogue forums, and community engagement.

Awareness Training

–        “Juvenile Sex Trafficking: Community Awareness to Action”: This training will continue as our most comprehensive and has received consistent positive feedback from all audiences. It is the Who? Where? Why? How? and What can we do? of juvenile sexual exploitation, sextortion, and trafficking.

–        Teens: Awareness in the populations targeted for these crimes is imperative for youth health, safety and crime prevention. We equip teens and young adults with the knowledge and confidence that they need to make good and safe decisions in situations they may face online, in the community, or at school. A one hour, age appropriate, and engaging presentation on what is trafficking, exploitation, and sextortion, internet safety, signs and indicators, identifying recruiting tactics, and what can we do if we believe someone is in trouble? We also have available to screen, the 34 minute documentary video, “Chosen”, by Shared Hope International. Teen survivors share peer to peer, how they unknowingly were lured into the life of sex trafficking and how they finally escaped (Spanish and English versions available).

–        Hospitality Industry and frequent travelers training: A child’s life could be in the balance right under your nose! With hotels/motels a common venue for child trafficking, this training is specifically geared toward the hospitality industry. You will learn the dynamics of US child sex trafficking, the signs and indicators of trafficking specific to hotels, when, how, and to whom you report suspected trafficking, and what the law enforcement response is to a report of trafficking. US and international organizations are recognizing and supporting hotels that have received training on how to spot and report trafficking and who have policies and practices in place that protect children, their guests, and employees. You can begin with this training, learn what other hotels and hospitality management companies have done to be recognized, and receive free resources.

Community Conversations

–         Community Café Dialogue: Facilitated by A.C.T. United, we draw on the seven principles of world café conversation, a proven format for successful, collaborative large group dialogue. Gathered around questions that matter, it encourages everyone’s contribution, knowledge sharing, and connects diverse perspectives, leading to collective insights and creative solutions. It is the perfect next step for those who have attended an awareness training and want to engage deeper with what they have learned and explore the possibility of setting personal, business, church, or community action steps.

“As a Minneapolis business owner, now in Elk River, I have been to many trainings on human trafficking in MN, but this training is the best I have ever been to. It did not just dump information on me, it helped me see my role and set goals for my business.”

–         Elk River, MN small business owner. NC MN Chamber of Commerce and Community Café Dialogue participant 2016

Effective solutions need accurate information. And everyone affected deserves a voice and to be free.

 Events and community engagement

With our community partners we have several events being planned for this year! Like our page, ask others to like our page, and stay connected to these upcoming opportunities! Ok, because when I am excited, here’s a sneak-peak at a couple!!

–        Prayer walk 2017! With our church partners we will host another prayer walk for our home base area, Carver County. Last year 6 teams spread throughout our area and prayed for youth, families, businesses, local government, churches, schools, foster care, and criminal justice offices. You can see photos and hear a few stories from 2016’s prayer walk on our Facebook page.

–        Calling all artist! We will be partnering with artists and small business in the community for an inspirational gallery in the spring. If you would like to receive the prospectus and information when it becomes available, email A.C.T. United; We will put you on the email list for this event.

–        Police appreciate week. Last year we were able to show our appreciation and support for our local police department with gift bags FILLED with cop essentials. This year we will pick another department or unit to bless!

Also, look for an upcoming post and registration link to our 2nd annual conference, and first training opportunity in our 2017 series. This conference will break the chains of myth and silence for male survivors of sexual exploitation, abuse, and trafficking.


“Together creating safe communities for children and youth to live, learn, work, and play.”

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